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When you retire nobody seems to care much what you did before, but for the record, I spent twenty years as a musicologist, twenty years as a calculus teacher and seven years as a psychotherapist, and  published four volumes of mystery novellas in addition to academic writing.  In addition to a long career as church organist and choirmaster, I founded and directed a number of a cappella choirs, one of which (The Pittsburgh Camerata) continues to flourish.

Since retiring on July 1, 2014 I spend six months in Lagoon City, Ontario and six months in North Fort Myers, Florida.  In both locations I walk three miles a day, bicycle, practice late Beethoven piano sonatas, reread the classics for my own pleasure and new books for a variety of book clubs.  And unable to resist a big project, I've been working on a new book, "A Brief History of Classical Music:  A Tale of Time, Tonality and Timbre." 

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July 2017